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a farewell?

I'm planning on forgetting about everything I wrote in this journal, and starting over. I've already made a new journal, and I think most of the stuff I wrote in here was crap. My new journal is mizerable_ and I'll be adding all my friends from this journal to that, so add me back loves. ^^

I really do feel like erasing this journal and all of its stupid entries. But I dunno yet.. I might use it to put quizez in. >>

Hm.. But this is all really. Bye.
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one last entry

one last entry, but i hope ppl reply to the one i posted before this one. i feel so lonely on LJ again. but let me say a few things.

i've found a few hang out spots for me, but i'm still here in LJ. let me list my fave spots online.

online hangouts:
note: my two LJs anda few comms i moderate. x16theatre is my yaoi/jrck rpg which will start up soon, the other two are zellys. ^^
---x11mako: http://x11mako.deviantart.com
---username: beloved_hatred
---username: x11MAKO

well these are my fave online hang outs. i have a few rpgs at msn, but there closed, and i'm closing down two of them. the most rpgs i'll be into this summer are FFvii and Theatre. the rest of my rpg comms, will still be in construction. well now i g2gs and get to work. ^^
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updating reeeeeal quick

oops. its almost 1am and i have skool tmrw. [very paranoid at the moment] so i'm gonna trrrrrrrrrrry to make this quick!! o.o >>

well this morning started out good, because i had a good breakfast, but my doctor appointment SUCKED!!!! I hate my doctor!! >< I guess I'll try explaining it, but just a lil.

this morning when i picked up my cof, a thought came thru my head saying 'this shirt may cause a few problems today, and the doctor is going to say something' but i dropped the thought and said fuck it. so i left to eat a nice breakfast, which i enjoyed. and endured patiently my horrible doctor appointment. dammit i hate him so much!!!! >< he said something about my cradle of filth [cof] shirt and about my book resident evil!! that which would i choose, god or the book. DAMMIT ITS JUST A FUCKING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love COF to death but i'm not satanic one bit. and my mom soon started taking sides, which pissed me off. so i left and went out to find my dad. fuck it, that was barly a check up. damn doctors. A DOCTOR IS SOMEONE WHO HELPS YOU WHEN YOU ARE SICK OR HURT, NOT WHEN YOU NEED A PREACHER!!!! damn him.

i went to the mall also to check if gravi6 was in stores yet. it wasn't, but it usally is on the last week of the month. i'll check again this weekend. and lots of ppl were also staring at me at the mall. which reminds me how much i hate ppl. >> grr. but i had a good day besides this morning.

i'm going to cosplay for the first time this summer. i really wanted to cosplay as Trance Kuja or Kuja, but that outfit is quite hard. And this'll be my first time, so no rush going into something like that. ^^ So I decided on Mana from Malice Mizer. But now I've also thought that it'll be cool to cosplay as Klaha from Malice Mizer or Kaoru from Dir en Grey. ^^ But I'll figure out something. I believe I have a month til the Metrocon2004 up in tampa bay. ^^ I'm so excited also. I hope I meet new ppls, or even ppls that are dressed as Malice Mizer or Dir en Grey! ^^ Weeeh! Looking forward to having a great time. ^^ but too bad i dont have enough money for the preeeetty hotel... :'( and it was so pretty. at least my older brother lives up in tampa. yaaaaaaaaaaay!! ^^ i'll have a few picies below, most under the cut thou.

damn, its 1am now. o.o >> << well i betters go. must have nice sleep. i'm so glad tmrw is thursday. i've been waiting for skool to end!!! :D this is all, damn this entry was long.. ^^


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Hey, I'm Aereth.
If you want to know more about me, check my user information and see if I'm worthy of adding. Just to let you know, I write yaoi and I like to rp, so if you like that, then add me and I'll add you. If you like this banner I made, go ahead and take it, but I want to at least be credited and commented. Well that all really. Drop a comment.
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