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one last entry

one last entry, but i hope ppl reply to the one i posted before this one. i feel so lonely on LJ again. but let me say a few things.

i've found a few hang out spots for me, but i'm still here in LJ. let me list my fave spots online.

online hangouts:
note: my two LJs anda few comms i moderate. x16theatre is my yaoi/jrck rpg which will start up soon, the other two are zellys. ^^
---username: beloved_hatred
---username: x11MAKO

well these are my fave online hang outs. i have a few rpgs at msn, but there closed, and i'm closing down two of them. the most rpgs i'll be into this summer are FFvii and Theatre. the rest of my rpg comms, will still be in construction. well now i g2gs and get to work. ^^
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