Without Love or Silence

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I have changed journals. I feel like throwing away these pages and starting a new. You can find my new journal at mizerable_. So add me if you havn't. Bye bye forgetton pages of a meaningless life.
I am the lost child. Inside my heart, I'm still a child, no matter how mature I look outside. My wounds may have healed on the outside, but I'm still suffocating in the inside. I'll say I'm not stable.

A few of my favorite things are yaoi, Cradle of Filth, Theatre of Tragedy, synth, keyboards, bass, writing, books, jrock, Gravitation, K2: Kill me, Kiss me, and my friends & family.

I enjoy writing. It is my life. I mostly write yaoi fan fictions, mixing characters of other mangas/games/ or animes with my own. The themes I write in are tragedy, yaoi, gothic, and poetry.

I enjoy gothic/synth/jrock/black metal/techno music. I play bass, and in my band I also write the lyrics. I may even play back-up keyboards.

My band is finally getting somewhere. Me and my keyboardist agreed to the name; Poisoned Needle. And we made some alsome songs.

Along with these, my dream is also to become a writer.

This may be all I need to explain about my current self. Just know that it’s better to know the person I am now then the person I was before. I am all but a lost child now, but at least I'm in control of my future.

[i support yaoi]
[i love bishonen]
'There's no use in loving me, because I will never return your affection.'

I will dry your tears and kiss you 'good night'.
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